The ArtInMusic Blog, started in early 2010, is nearing 700 entries. These posts tell the story of each artwork and music box.

Recent Blog entries
  • S_V_H Wildfire final image

    Photo 1: Wildfire final image on the easels. This artwork does not photograph well against the light background and the cloudy North light. This is my final thoughts on the Wildfire video I uploaded to my YouTube. I have this account, to document through the years the progress of turning sheet music into art. Going … Continue reading S_V_H Wildfire final image

  • S_V_H Wildfire image 2

    Here is the music box Wildfire, with all of its canvases attached. This artwork has a length of a respectable (my size standard) seventy inches by Thirty-three and a quarter. Next up I will build and attached the stereo system and after a little more finishing work, this project will be completed next week. Here … Continue reading S_V_H Wildfire image 2

  • S_V_H Wildfire first image

    I am ending 2022 with the first major MusicBox for 2023, Wildfire. Here is the YouTube version of this 1975 release sung by Michael Martin Murphy: I carefully chose the melody I may will spend a month completing. The decision to paint Wildfire began with, despite not being a favorite, I have consistently liked the … Continue reading S_V_H Wildfire first image

  • S_V_H Sound of Silence upgrade

    What the viewer needs to know: Sound of Silence is an artwork from early 2016 that I have decided to turn in a music box. Going Deeper: In the video on this 2016 work I spoke about the upgrade. My reasoning for the change is based on my limited experience with upscale galleries like Gallery … Continue reading S_V_H Sound of Silence upgrade

  • S_V_H Flight from the City final image

    A lot of work goes into creating these music boxes, including this little work I finished on the November 10th. I have a start date for the cover music of October 9th. Summary of Flight from the City: I am calling this a minor work, for its length is under six feet. That category became … Continue reading S_V_H Flight from the City final image

  • Chopin Prelude update

    This is another update of an artwork that was moved from an aluminum frame to a stretched canvas frame. This music box is 2021’s Chopin Prelude. Chopin Prelude completed in November of 2021 and pictured here updated in late October of 2022. Pictured here is the original finished Chopin Prelude main frame brought up from … Continue reading Chopin Prelude update

  • Flight from the City image 1

    I never heard of Jóhann Jóhannsson until his music caught my ear when it played on a Spotify. Maybe it was the mood I was in, or maybe it was its feeling of calmness in its repeating, catchy, and captivating sound effects. Or maybe it was the beauty of the piano. Whatever the it was, … Continue reading Flight from the City image 1

  • S_V_H Martha My Dear upgrade

    What the visitor needs to know: _________________________________________ Going Deeper: _________________________________________ I never felt that this canvas hung well with the magnets to the aluminum frame. Although the aluminum frame was sturdy enough to support the two sides and the heavy speaker boxes, the overall artwork structure, I felt, was weak. That was the main reason … Continue reading S_V_H Martha My Dear upgrade

  • S_V_H Music Box Woodstock revision

    What the visitor needs to know: fggf _____________________________________ Going Deeper: _____________________________________ Back in November 2020, my studio was a small office room in a wonderful home in a surprising, but conservative town of Owatonna, Minnesota. My wife, Barbara, and I were house sitting for my daughter and her family, who had moved back to Wisconsin. … Continue reading S_V_H Music Box Woodstock revision

  • S_V_H Post no. 700 – Bach Prelude 2020 Updated

    What the visitor needs to know: 700:This is my 700 blog post. I started documenting this story in early 2010. This is the story of a loose canvas 2020 music box project that as it was could not be displayed or played. ds View Post Going Deeper: Photo 7: The original canvas, painted with no … Continue reading S_V_H Post no. 700 – Bach Prelude 2020 Updated