The ArtInMusic Blog, began in early 2010
and is now in 2023 nearing 725 entries.
These posts tell the story of each artwork and music box.

Recent Blog entries
  • S_V_H Yellow as architecture

    In early 2023, for a series of three paintings, I used prominent buildings designed by Frank Gehry as my color and design templates. Looking back in my videos, I found an explanation in this blog post video 9 minutes in why I did so. My reasoning comes together this way: “I like taking a piece … Continue reading S_V_H Yellow as architecture

  • S_V_H Yellow first image

    My studio floor image for Yellow came together fast. After doing the gigantic Don’t Give Up, I thought I needed a motivational directional change to a smaller, simpler project. Yellow’s length will be about 8 feet and narrow, with the use of 10-inch canvases. I plan on using two 24-inch steel plates to bridge the … Continue reading S_V_H Yellow first image

  • S_V_H Closer final image and music

    This artwork’s color choices continue the trend of the previous artwork, Don’t Give Up. What I am trying to accomplish is to move away from the standard relationships of colors seen in a color chart. The two small end canvases are examples of this. Each of those canvases is a complementary color to the main … Continue reading S_V_H Closer final image and music

  • S_V_H Closer image 3

    In this latest studio, I have been finding it increasingly difficult to display my artwork on my historic easel system. For safety concerns, I even began strapping the artwork to the easels, which had mixed results. Finally, after 17-plus years of displaying this art on easels, I have placed all my easels in storage. I … Continue reading S_V_H Closer image 3

  • S_V_H Closer image 2

    The gallery images above result from my wanting to do something different with the two ten-inch end canvases. In the above image of the artwork, the two end canvases I can easily butt them up against their adjacent canvases. Not only boring having all the canvases in a line adds no depth to the artwork. … Continue reading S_V_H Closer image 2

  • S_V_H Closer image 1 update

    I posted what I thought was the final layout for this artwork in the previous blog entry. After returning to this layout a few days later, I did not like what I saw. It reminded me too much of the 2022 artwork, Metamorphsis2. The similarity concerned me. I wanted an updated look. I believe this … Continue reading S_V_H Closer image 1 update

  • S_V_H The music box Closer image 1

    One design factor for this new work was that its length of 10 feet did not include the speaker boxes. Usually, the added speakers mount onto the ends of the artwork. I cannot do that here because of the requirements of fitting all the music on the canvases and still keeping the 10 feet length. … Continue reading S_V_H The music box Closer image 1

  • S_V_H Don’t Give Up followup

    This is the artwork now hanging at The Art Garage in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The hanging, with the help of my wife Barb, went quickly and smoothly. We only forgot to check the works level, which I see is off a bit. We will correct at the reception on August 11th. This artwork is part … Continue reading S_V_H Don’t Give Up followup

  • S_V_H Final image Don’t Give Up

    I started this artwork on June 16th with the creation of the cover music. I completed the project enough to do a final image, on July 31st. That timeline is about right for a large, complicated artwork project in the busier summer. Because of the many complications, notably hanging this artwork and keeping it from … Continue reading S_V_H Final image Don’t Give Up

  • S_V_H Don’t Give Up advanced images

    Of course, I knew before starting this project that images of this extra-large music would go beyond the 10-foot easel support. The image from July sixteenth shows the finished structure with all the notation in place with a length of 157 inches and 48 inches in height. Because of the size and weight of this … Continue reading S_V_H Don’t Give Up advanced images