The ArtInMusic Blog, began in early 2010
and is now in 2023 nearing 725 entries.
These posts tell the story of each artwork and music box.

Recent Blog entries
  • S_V_H Into my arms first image

    Into My Arms is a small song with big lyrics and a beautiful chorus. I first heard this music on my streaming service, Spotify. I was fortunate then to find several YouTube versions of Nick Cave’s Into My Arms. For me, one version, performed inside to a smaller audience, caught my attention. The video, Live … Continue reading S_V_H Into my arms first image

  • S_V_H Love Theme (Cinema Paradiso) final

    The title of this latest music box is “Love Theme.” The Upper canvas mounts this artwork onto the wall. Written in cursive Italian across the upper canvas are letters and words deliberately made difficult to recognize. Those words are from the artwork’s cover music. The lower larger canvas than hangs from the smaller canvas using … Continue reading S_V_H Love Theme (Cinema Paradiso) final

  • S_V_H Love Theme (Cinema Paradiso) image 2

    This second image shows a move away from dominate solid colors that I have used throughout the history of this art. Solid colors also dominate this miniseries, including the last project, The Logical Song. The idea for this style change, as previously mentioned, occurred when I rediscovered (once again) my appreciation of the Abstract Expressionist … Continue reading S_V_H Love Theme (Cinema Paradiso) image 2

  • S_V_H Love Theme (Cinema Paradiso) 1st image

    What is nice about these mini works is the commitment in doing them is not as large, intensive, or needlessly overwhelming as it was with the comprehensive works that took a month or more to complete. With these mini artworks I save time, increase production, have less to lose, and they offer me more freedom … Continue reading S_V_H Love Theme (Cinema Paradiso) 1st image

  • S_V_H The Logical Song Final image

    I enjoy shaking up color combinations seen in this artwork. But I am also at a point after 18 years of such use of color that I feel the need to move on. Besides, there is today so much brazen in your face color out there in contemporary art that I see its usage as … Continue reading S_V_H The Logical Song Final image

  • S_V_H The Logical Song 1st image

    This first image of The Logical Song shows a mix of colors I saw watching a live performance. I do not remember this song, released in 1979, or even the group Supertramp. Checking my Liked Songs playlist on Spotify (now at 2,353) I see that over the years I added four Supertramp songs: Bloody Well … Continue reading S_V_H The Logical Song 1st image

  • S_V_H Final image Wichita Lineman

    I think this first final version of the music for this music box is good enough to go to video. But later I knew in the past I have never settled for the first version of anything. I think the quality of this attached later fits this music box much better. What surprised me with … Continue reading S_V_H Final image Wichita Lineman

  • S_V_H Wichita Lineman first image

    I could be wrong, but I doubt many people under 30 years ever heard of this song or Glen Campbell. Of course I knew of it and have liked this song to this day. Although my first contacts with music was country (think Hank Williams) my first genuine connection to music was folk music. As … Continue reading S_V_H Wichita Lineman first image

  • S_V_H Fast Car final image

    I decided to, once again, create small works, but this time as a series. My plan was to use up my large supply of 15×30 inch canvases. I then had an unusual idea to hang them, with coated hanging wire, from another smaller rectangle canvas that then mounted the artwork to the wall. Although a … Continue reading S_V_H Fast Car final image

  • S_V_H Fast Car 1st image

    Completed in the first image of Fast Car is the notation with the lyrics, “I had a feeling that I belong.” The small wooden painted pieces scattered about are the notation’s beams and slurs, also completed and waiting to be glued down. I do not consider the song Fast Car a must paint song. I … Continue reading S_V_H Fast Car 1st image