The ArtInMusic Blog, began in early 2010
and is now in 2023 nearing 725 entries.
These posts tell the story of each artwork and music box.

Recent Blog entries
  • S_V_H One final everything

    I started this project on May 9th. It feels a lot longer than that. Maybe it’s a summer thing, but I was not in the mood to do a major work. That is why the stereo system for this work is only the simple 2 watt system. I also choose to portray a small, simple … Continue reading S_V_H One final everything

  • S_V_H One, final look

    The background canvas which is 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide and has been in the storage area for years. Actually, I have three more of these. These were not overly expensive canvases when purchased. The wood is also lightweight and soft. Attaching the four smaller, higher-quality canvases to the weaker large canvas was … Continue reading S_V_H One, final look

  • S_V_H One first image

    This is the first image of the Music Box project titled One shows the primary 3 by 5-foot canvas. Next to it are the 4 10 x 20 inches smaller canvases to be attached horizontally across the main canvas. As for the words on the big canvas, they are not from the lyrics of the … Continue reading S_V_H One first image

  • S_V_H JS Bach BWV 974 Adagio final

    I have a few other vertical artworks, including Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Schindler’s List, and an early Patsy Cline artwork titled Crazy. On this project, I increased the tempo (no longer Adagio) of this Bach piece to give it a more upbeat modern sound. Doing that allowed me to go vertical so I could … Continue reading S_V_H JS Bach BWV 974 Adagio final

  • S_V_H J S Bach BWV974 Adagio image 3

    I have here a near-finish audio for the music box. This audio will play a lot louder on my Bose speakers than what will be heard coming from the artwork. Of course, the reason it will sound different is that I have, once again, returned to using the simpler 2-watt Stereo System to power the … Continue reading S_V_H J S Bach BWV974 Adagio image 3

  • S_V_H J S Bach BWV 974 Adagio 2nd image

    This image of the Bach project shows it sprawling out on the studio floor. At the top is the 16×24 inch canvas with a pallet painting after Van Gogh. This canvas will be hung on the wall. The rest of the music that drops off that canvas will then zig-zag its way down to the … Continue reading S_V_H J S Bach BWV 974 Adagio 2nd image

  • S_V_H J S Bach BWV 974 Adagio

    This is the first image of the new artwork project started on the 14th for the music box for JS Bach/A Marcello concerto, BWV 974 second moment, Adagio. What the artwork will be depicting begins near the beginning of this musical piece, which sounds almost like a modern piece of music. Every one of these … Continue reading S_V_H J S Bach BWV 974 Adagio

  • S_V_H Shenandoah final image

    My worksheet for this minor project has a start date of March 10. That seems like a long time. I realized that some of that timeline was used for preparing for two small new shows, picture below, including converting artworks to music boxes. Both events came from the efforts of members of EmptyWallsArt, an organization … Continue reading S_V_H Shenandoah final image

  • S_V_H Shenandoah image 2

    This image is to test to see that all the music will fit in the space of this background. What I expected fits and the spilling over of the music is part of the design. Different from the first image, the two sections of this artwork are now offset. The background shape is typical of … Continue reading S_V_H Shenandoah image 2

  • S_V_H Shenandoah

    From early January 2006 to today, March 2023, all my music artworks have been personnel. Everyone of them represents an extension of who I am. I share this understanding with all the other music lovers who cherish a deeply held secret that wraps around them everywhere, everyhow, and every meaning of why, their music. Shenandoah … Continue reading S_V_H Shenandoah