The ArtInMusic Blog, began in early 2010
and is now in 2023 nearing 725 entries.
These posts tell the story of each artwork and music box.

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  • S_V_H The Beatles Triptych image 3

    I now have a working layout for the three artworks for The Beatles’ triptych project. I do this to confirm that all the sampling notes fit on each artwork. Below, I am showing the layout image that illustrates the hanging order. Following the same order of Paul McCartney’s video featured in the previous blog, the … Continue reading S_V_H The Beatles Triptych image 3

  • S_V_H The Beatles Triptych image 2

    This is the first time I have used Liquitex acrylic pens for the cursive writing on these three panels. I learned quickly their use writing the words for Golden Slippers on the left. All did not go well. I made adjustments and the last two canvases’ appearance improved. I am a better printer than a … Continue reading S_V_H The Beatles Triptych image 2

  • S_V_H Beatles Triptych

    I have a number of large canvases left over from my Vivaldi Four Season project from many years ago. Three of those canvases each 36 inches by 48 inches are going to be the base for three Beatles songs from their album Abbey Road. After finishing the music box Zombie I had no clue what … Continue reading S_V_H Beatles Triptych

  • S_V_H Zombie final music and image.

    I like this artworks use of ubiquitous words that also appear in this music’s lyrics. Some of the phrases on the artwork were scratched into the still wet paint, while in other words, I used the convenience of acrylic pens to write away in my distinctive style. I like the unusual overall use of red … Continue reading S_V_H Zombie final music and image.

  • S_V_H Zombie second image

    I have properly connected the background canvases for hanging. I have also mounted the challenging handmade music control box, and attached the storage stands. The image above also documents the other in studio artworks that I use for reference. Besides Zombie, the artwork What’s Up is on the left. The artwork Closer is up against … Continue reading S_V_H Zombie second image

  • S_V_H First image of the music box Zombie

    Once again, this is a small work. The music for this project is Zombie by the Cranberries. I have had an interest in this song for a long time, but I needed the right timing to spend the time to portray this music. That appears to have arrived. With the war in Ukraine and in … Continue reading S_V_H First image of the music box Zombie

  • S_V_H What’s Up final image & audio

    I find the color combination in this artwork challenging. The colors chosen for the canvases, the notes, and the stems all come from the 4 non-Blonds official video of this music. Looking at the video, the words “grungy girl rockin’ ” come to mind, represented by the artworks splashed on shades of black, gray, darker, … Continue reading S_V_H What’s Up final image & audio

  • S_V_H What’s Up second Image

    The problem that I had to resolve on Tuesday was I could not place my sample music the way the sheet music pictured. The problem was the different physical heights of the artwork would not work with the music’s beams. There was not enough available space for the beams to fit between the flat canvases … Continue reading S_V_H What’s Up second Image

  • S_V_H What’s Up image 2

    I photograph this image in the daylight. It does not capture the feeling that crossed through me on the evening before when I placed this young artwork on an easel and walked back to see if it worked. It worked. Even in a well lit studio, the sense of darkness still spills into the room … Continue reading S_V_H What’s Up image 2

  • S_V_H What’s Up first image

    What’s up is my next project. A lot of times a song pops into by Apple AirPod while walking my wonderful friend for life, Zelda, our Irish setter mixed poodle. And something in it, either the lyrics or the melody, catches the current mood I am in. That is how I keep on, keeping on. … Continue reading S_V_H What’s Up first image